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Git Submodule Cheat Sheet

git submodule is powerful, error-prone, and often confusing unless it’s used pretty much daily.

Having a cheat sheet can be pretty useful, so here you go.

This cheat sheet is based on a post by Christophe Porteneuve (many thanks).

Erlang's Internal Data Representation

I find it interesting how the Erlang BEAM engine represents data in memory.

Quick look: An Erlang list

This is the in-memory layout of the Erlang list "phi".

[112, 104, 105]

How BofA Froze My Account for Supporting My Children

My open Dear Jane letter to Bank of America

Dear Bank of America,

Your MSB department believes I am a wicked money launderer or something, so you froze my personal account. If I hadn’t been paying attention, it could have been very nasty indeed, but I drained my accounts and left you only $27.08 in the one you subsequently froze. Don’t spend it all at once.

The Myth of the Fungible Resource

There is a pervasive myth amongst software development management types: the existence of the fungible resource.

A fungible resource is a human cog that managers and executives believe they can drop into a business machine to replace an existing cog. In other words, when developers part ways with a company, many managers believe that their replacements can quickly get up to speed and take over where their predecessors left off.

Pale Blue Dot

Let’s put things in perspective: we’re not all that in the grand scheme of things.